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  • Duckpin Bowling

    We set 'em up,
    you knock 'em down

    Duckpin is the cooler, edgier cousin of traditional bowling — picture smaller balls and stubby pins. The aim is to knock down as many as you can in 3 tries per frame. It’s fast, fun, and totally addictive. LEARN MORE

    Number of Lanes: 14

    MON-THURS: $7 per game/person, FRI-SUN: $8 per game/person

    Duckpin Bowling
  • Pinball

    It's a Flipping Good Time

    These retro beauties are all about flashy lights, cool graphics, and the thrill of smacking around a steel ball using only a pair of flippers. Whether you're a pinball wizard or a newbie, there’s no denying the old-school charm of pinball.

    $1 PER PLAY

  • Patio Pong

    Bigger Balls, Bigger Cups, Bigger Fun!

    Patio Pong is the classic college party staple but bigger. Instead of tossing a ping pong ball into cups, you use a regular ball and over-sized buckets. The goal is to sink your shots into your opponent’s buckets and eliminate all of their buckets before they get rid of yours. See our Cage for all of your equipment needs.

    FREE - 1 HR

    Patio Pong
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