When life gives you balls
play with them

Old-School Entertainment

There are few places in the world where the exhilarating crack of a ball crashing against pins goes side-by-side with the nostalgic clang of pinball flippers. Pins is the perfect place for those seeking a memorable time and old-school fun.

We do not take reservations, all of our activities are first-come first-serve.

A winner every time

  • Duckpin Bowling

    We set 'em up,
    you knock 'em down

    Duckpin is the cooler, edgier cousin of traditional bowling — picture smaller balls and stubby pins. The aim is to knock down as many as you can in 3 tries per frame. It’s fast, fun, and totally addictive. LEARN MORE

    Number of Lanes: 10

    MON-THURS: $7 per game/person, FRI-SUN: $8 per game/person

    Duckpin Bowling
  • Pinball

    It's a Flipping Good Time

    These retro beauties are all about flashy lights, cool graphics, and the thrill of smacking around a steel ball using only a pair of flippers. Whether you're a pinball wizard or a newbie, there’s no denying the old-school charm of pinball.

    AC/DC - Stern, 2012
    Foo Fighters - Stern, 2023
    Godzilla - Stern, 2021
    Hot Wheels - American, 2020
    Venom - Stern, 2023

    View our full list of machines at Pinball Map

    $1 PER PLAY

  • Arcade

    Get Your Game On

    We've gathered the classics and cut out the tokens. Our nostalgic arcade collection transports you back to the golden era of gaming with classics like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Galaga. They're free to play but also benefit a great cause. Quarters put into our arcade games go to Ronald McDonald House Charities.


  • Ping Pong

    A.K.A. a Paddle Battle

    Two players, a couple paddles, and a small ball are required to play this lightning-fast indoor version of tennis. Just serve the ball, and aim to outscore your opponent by making the ball bounce twice on their side. It’s all about quick reflexes, wicked spins, and non-stop action.

    25¢ - Self-serve

    Ping Pong
  • Foosball

    The Ultimate Table-Top Showdown

    Foosball is the mini-soccer match you can play indoors. Grab a friend, pick your team, and go head-to-head. The aim is to move the rods to steer that little ball past your opponent’s defense and into their goal. There’s no denying the fast-paced, competitive thrill of foosball.

    50¢ PER GAME

  • Giant Jenga

    Keep it Together, Pal

    Giant Jenga is the same heart-pounding game from your youth, but on a much larger scale – and with a more dramatic topple. You stack massive wooden blocks into a tower, then take turns pulling out one block at a time and placing it on top. The catch? Don't let the tower crumble!


    Giant Jenga